New generation of web-based      
weather station     


Here you have a weather station, which goes directly on to the internet. The information is available on a website after a login. In other words there are no need for you to use your own computer to operate the weather station.

 The keywords are: “Easy to use”.



The data logger sends the data via the wireless internet (GPRS) to a server. The data are also stored in the weather station for two months. The standard versions send data every hour.

The weather station can send a Tekst if there is anything special going on – i.e.:

- the amount of rain the last 24 hours
- when the temperature drop below 2 degrees Celsius
- the humidity has been more than 95% for more than 20 hours
- etc


The weather station has a great sensor program. We have chosen sensors, which are used in the industry around the world. It includes:
- rain
- temperature
- wind direction and wind speed
- humidity
- pressure
- radiation

Almost all types of sensors can be used, not just weather sensors.  

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